For the last several years we have been providing our readers with the Google Zeitgeist video, but for some reason completely forgot to do so as 2012 came to an end. Well, here it is!

What also was surprising was learning that Google has been preparing its Year-End Zeitgeist for 12 years.  The Zeitgeist, which is an in-depth look at the “spirit of the times” is based on how and what people actually search for on Google’s Search Engine.

In the last year there were 1.2 million searches in 146 languages. The most searched term worldwide was for Whitney Houston, who died in February 2012.  The most searched event, not surprisingly, was Hurricane Sandy.  The English-Irish Pop-Boy Band, One Direction, was the most searched image.

As of today, 14,451,275 people have watched this video – which in itself is amazing.  To learn more visit Google Zeitgeist 2012.

When it comes to Maine, in 2012 all searches relating to the state were their highest in the month of July.

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