Casco Bay Islands
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Casco Bay, the area from Cape Elizabeth on the south to Cape Small on the north, is dotted with hundreds of islands referred to as the Calendar Islands because there are said to be 365 of them – as many as there are days in a year. Some of these islands are accessible by ferry or tour boats and are well worth the trip. In fact, no visit to the Portland area is complete without an island-hopping cruise in Casco Bay.

Waterfront Living on a Island

The bay has a rich history. There are two theories on the origin of the name “Casco Bay”. One theory is based on Spanish explorer Esteban Gomez explored the Maine coast in 1525 and named the bay “Bahia de Cascos” (Bay of Helmets, based on the shape of the bay).

The second theory is based on Aucocisco, the Abenaki name for the bay, which means ‘place of herons’ (or sometimes translated as ‘muddy’).

Waterfront Living

Casco Bay

Casco Bay Islands

Find homes for sale on islands in Casco Bay, only a ferry ride from the mainland.

Peaks Island

A village community just minutes from downtown Portland.

Great Chebeague Island

The largest island in Casco Bay, is five miles long & 2,800 acres.

Long Island

Incorporated in 1993, Long Island is only 40 minutes from the mainland.

Great Diamond Island

Includes Little Diamond & Diamond Cove & features many condos.

Cliff Island

The quintessential Maine island known for woods, wildlife & views.