Retiring in Maine?
A planning and strategy guide

Whether you are moving from across town or from another state, it’s always a major event in your life! We have helped many families and individuals relocate to and from the Greater Portland area and many communities throughout Southern Maine.

  • Determine your retirement age

  • Decide the income you will need in retirement

  • Total the current market value of your savings

  • Estimate the value of your social security
  • Obtain an estimate of your pension plan

  • Decide how and where you will primarily live

If you find yourself at that exciting juncture in life where retirement beckons, and you’re eager to savor your golden years to the fullest, Maine emerges as an enticing destination! This splendid state offers a harmonious blend of awe-inspiring natural landscapes, a vibrant local arts and culture scene, renowned culinary delights, and a multitude of avenues for discovery and enrichment. In the Pine Tree State, there’s a little something for every discerning retiree.

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