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Home values are an integral part of the way we, as realtors educate and empower homeowners and buyers. The AVM provided below features home values based on the most recent and accurate statistical information available. The estimates use an advanced algorithm and a range of industry-leading data sources that have been fine-tuned and tested to provide the highest quality home valuation insights and the ability to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions quickly. 

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AVMs use mathematical formulas, property information and property database information to provide reports on a property’s estimated value. AVM reports are calculated based on several data points, including the sales history, the tax assessor’s value, the basic features of a property and the sales history of similar properties. With that data, an AVM will use a mathematical model to create an estimate of the value.

Online home valuations provide a good starting point and offer a general estimate of your property’s worth. However, they may not factor in recent renovations, unique features, or current market trends that could impact your home’s actual market value.

In many cases you can expect a AVM to be within 5% to 7% of a correct value.

Generally, a home should be evaluated any time you’re thinking about selling, refinancing, or taking out a home equity line of credit. However, if the market is experiencing significant changes or if you’ve made major improvements to your home, getting a more frequent evaluation could be beneficial.

Using our Home Valuation Tool, you will receive an update monthly.

Yes, typically renovations can increase the value of your home. However, not all renovations provide the same return on investment. Some projects, such as kitchen or bathroom renovations, may yield a higher return than others. It’s important to evaluate the potential increase in home value against the cost of any proposed renovations.