Feeling like you need a sanctuary from the stress and hustle-bustle of modern life? You might consider moving to a 7 house. Maybe you want stability and security as you get older – then a 4 house is just the ticket. Looking to manage financial matters and maybe even start a home business? Find an 8 house and snap it up! You can change the energy surrounding your life by changing your address, thanks to a basic understanding of numerology.

Numerology is a metaphysical science that considers the vibration of numbers to be not just perceivable but actually usable in practical ways. The digits 1 through 9 are part of a symbolic language – once you learn the basics of that language, you can make choices that perhaps shore up a personal weakness, help you get unstuck from an unrewarding position, or support a future vision for your life. The number that is so prominently posted on your home creates an energy that permeates all activity within that home, and being aware of the advantages and challenges of your home’s number can have practical applications that will enrich your life!

How do you determine your home’s number? It comes from the address. Single digit addresses are easy – 2 Main Street is a 2 house. Many house numbers are longer than that, so you must simply add all the digits of your address, and every time you get a sum, again add the digits until you are left with a single number. For example, 2850 Green Street is a 6 house. Here’s how it works: Add 2 + 8 +5 +0 = 15. Add 1 + 5 = 6. Voila! Here’s an even longer one: 18497 Broadway is a 2 house. Add 1 + 8 + 4 + 9 + 7 = 29. Add 2 + 9 = 11. Add 1 + 1 = 2.

Energy in Your Home:

So what does each digit mean for the energy of a house? A 1 house is about independence and leadership. Choose a 1 house if you want to foster new beginnings, self-reliance and determination. Are you ready to be number 1? Be aware, however, you might feel isolated or alone in a 1 house – it’s an excellent choice if you value independence, not so good if you crave company. For the more socially inclined, you might consider a 2 house – like the number itself, 2 is about partnership, harmony, and cooperation. Peace, warmth and sharing permeate the 2 house. It’s a great choice for a couple, but if there’s conflict or discord, the residents will end up critical of one another. Balance is key in a 2 house. In a 3 house, brace yourself for fun and creativity. Happiness, friendships, and positive energy are the hallmarks of 3 energy. Enthusiasm abounds – sometimes too much, so watch out your energies don’t get scattered. The creative chaos of a 3 house can lead to lots of enjoyment in life.

The 4 house builds a solid foundation where steadiness and practicality are key. Common sense, hard (but rewarding) work, and order make the 4 house down-to-earth and wholesome, a great place to put down roots. There may be work required to maintain the 4 house, so be flexible and loosen up to really enjoy the stability of the 4 energy. The 5 house is all about change – if you’re feeling stuck, this is the house for you. A 5 house may be a hub of activity where life is far from dull, and those who value variety and risk taking will feel right at home here. Beware of making snap decisions, and know that there might be a high turnover rate in a 5 house, due to the prevailing energy of change. A 6 house is great for raising a family, tending to pets or a garden, and for feelings of nesting. Love is the prevailing energy in a 6 house, with lots of giving and nurturing going on. The 6 energy is warm and caring, fostering close relationships. Be aware you could end up giving too much and feeling too much responsibility, even duty, in this energy, but the lessons you would learn would be well worth it.

A 7 house is a heaven house – a retreat, perfect to rest, contemplate, and heighten intuition. Solitude and divine inspiration are part of the 7 energy, so consider this number if you want to go inward and explore. This is not a great energy for material advancement, but in this sanctuary of a home, spiritual studies will be highly enhanced. If you desire more material wealth, find an 8 house and watch your power in the world grow. Success, achievement and abundance mark the 8 energy, but be aware that money can go out of an 8 house as quickly as it comes in. With wise management of finances, the 8 house is perfect for working at home or getting recognition and respect from the community. The 9 house brings wisdom and intense humanism to its residents, inspiring philanthropy and passionate feelings of selflessness. This a great house for broad-minded people who want to focus on the larger picture. People and money will be drawn to the compassion of the 9 house residents, but watch that feelings don’t get too intense. The 9 energy marks the end of a cycle, and can be the launching point for evolving to the next level of understanding.

To Recap:

  • 1 is the energy of independence
  • 2 is the energy of partnership
  • 3 is the energy of creativity
  • 4 is the energy of stability
  • 5 is the energy of change
  • 6 is the energy of love
  • 7 is the energy of the divine
  • 8 is the energy of abundance
  • 9 is the energy of evolution

Moving to a new home often creates new challenges, but having an awareness of the dominant energy that house carries can inspire you to overcome those challenges and find undiscovered strengths, practical life lessons, and real-world strategies to enhance your life. The energy of numbers is all around us – let numerology help you find the perfect home or harmonize with the home you’re in. It’s all in the numbers!

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The article was provided to us by MK Wolfe, whose lyrics were featured in the musical Mesmerized, performed by Snownlion Repertory Company in Portland in 2012.

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