Last week parts of southern Maine experienced a power outage due to an early nor’easter. I was lucky enough to have power, but many friends and families went without. In October, this was just a mild inconvenience since thankfully no one I knew is dependent on power for health needs, and the weather is practically balmy for us Mainers (55 degrees). But what happens when you’re stuck without power for days and it’s January? It’s best to be prepared by having a generator to keep the heat going. But better yet would be having a home that is built to be so energy efficient, that losing heat for a day or two shouldn’t make much of a difference.

Unity homes are capable of this because the homes are thoughtfully positioned to take advantage of the sun’s warmth. Then they minimize complexity in the designs, and create efficient, open floor plans. The walls, roofs and floors of the homes are very well insulated. And the homes are built air-tight to minimize drafts and heat loss, and then ventilated to ensure health. Triple-glazed windows are warm and tight, and designed for energy efficiency. These factors combined help to keep your home comfortable, despite the weather outside. And in Douglas Ridge, Unity homes come with solar panels. If you are prepared with a backup solar battery, a power outage could be no inconvenience at all.

We all know what’s coming this winter, how comfortable will you be in your home?

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