If you own a home today, there is a very good chance that it was built right on site, in a very traditional way – commonly referred to as “stick built”.

It is also most likely everything inside your home was actually built in a factory?  Think about it, furniture, appliances, flooring – all from a factory, computer enhanced, crafted to high tolerances.

So, is it possible that one day we will live in-high performance homes, built in factories, that will result in healthy, energy efficient living?

Well, that future is today.  Look no farther than Douglas Ridge in Brunswick where 17 energy-efficient green homes, based on the Unity platform, are available now.

In conventional construction, each of the thousands of parts and pieces of a home are cut and fastened together on site. The process has been compared to having the components your car dropped off and assembled in the driveway.   The state-of-the-art Unity manufacturing facility in Keene NH features precision engineering throughout the process – to be followed by the assembly of much larger components quickly on site.

Building a green, sustainable home requires extensive knowledge of building science, thoughtful design, specialty materials, careful construction and strong attention to detail.  It all starts with a 3D computer rendering and ends with a home with a that will last a lifetime.

To learn more about Douglas Ridge and healthy homes, visit our website MaineHomeConnection.com (where we have a complete section on green and energy efficient homes) or let’s schedule some time to talk, review designs and determine which model might be best for you.

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